California Desert Camping Pods

12 wagon stations with a sci-fi-aesthetic: These camping pods at a campsite near Joshua Tree National Park seem to be the perfect hideaway. US artist Andrea Zittel, whose work focuses on sustainability and a self-sufficient life, built the pods called The Wagon Station Encampment.

The Encampment consists of twelve Wagon Stations, a communal outdoor kitchen, open air showers, and composting toilets. It is open to anyone who feels an affinity with Andrea’s mission in the high desert – including other artists, writers, thinkers, hikers, campers or those who are engaged in other forms of cultural or personal research. To reserve a spot, an extensive application has to be submitted. Andrea Zittel herself lives in Joshua Tree. Her “A-Z enterprise” covers all aspects of everyday life like furniture, clothing or food, investigated to better understand human nature and the social construction of needs.

All images © Lance Brewer