Human Vs Nature By Agnieszka Lepka


Based in Cracow, Poland, the young and talented photographer Agnieszka Lepka made the breakthrough in 2015 when she was participating in the contest TIFF Festival in ‘DEBUTS’ section, as well as the Sputnik Photos workshop in collaboration with Filip Springer.
The same year, the photographer opened her first exhibition titled ‘Emotional Landscapes’ in a small gallery in Krakow. Lepka’s analogue pictures show various subjects including close-up shots of human body parts, landscapes and everyday objects. In her ongoing series titled ‘Human vs. Nature’, Lepka works with the similarities between the human being and Mother Nature. Veins are put into relation with topographic maps, fingerprints resemble a tree trunk, and cacti are compared to scrubby beards. 

All images © Agnieszka Lepka

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