Craig Green AW17 Campaign


The campaign for Craig Green’s AW17 collection conceptualises the power of unity in the face of turbulence, presenting models in padded jackets forming a shrine-like water raft.

Photographed by Dan Tobin Smith, the campaign consists of a series of five images, each focusing on a main look from the collection. Multiple figures in padded jackets join forces to create a human lifeboat, combining the efforts of models and the materiality of the pieces. This infusion of storytelling and practicality is a powerful statement from the designer, who explains, “I think campaigns, like shows, should try to have a fantasy element. I always like that a campaign gives you another way of communicating what the collection was about.” With styling by Robbie Spencer, the campaign can be interpreted to evoke a sense of human defiance when confronted by chaotic and dangerous circumstances. While Green states that this was not a conscious decision, he comments, “I think it is almost impossible to make things that are not reactionary in some way to what is happening in the world or around you.”


All images © Dan Tobin Smith

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