‘Home Less’ By Photographer Nelson Garrido


In his picture series ‘Home Less’ photographer Nelson Garrido shows the impact of financial crisis on Portuguese properties. He shot just one picture a day while capturing various abandoned houses.

The project was on view at the ‘Time – Space – Experience’ exhibition at Palazzo Bembo 2016 during the 15th International Architecture Biennale in Venice. As financial crisis started to affect Portugal, house constructions were paused and left unfinished. Many people became homeless. Buildings that have been finished never found tenants or buyers. They were simply left to themselves. “This project goes beyond the revelation of ruins; it intends to provide an experience of places“, explains Garrido. He depicted different sorts of residences from multi-storey buildings to freestanding houses across the country. Illumination in isolated rooms showcases the contradiction between reality and desirable state. It represents all the lives interrupted by the consequences of financial crisis in Portugal.


All images © Nelson Garrido