The Fate Of Abandoned Iranian Homes

Having grown up amidst conflict, Iranian photographer Gohar Dashti draws from memory when creating her work. Her series ‘Home’, portrays the effect of war on the places once defined as home.

All the abandoned houses depicted are in Iran, and once belonged to people who emigrated due to political and social reasons. Absent of identity, the houses are stripped of all connotations of home: comfort, safety, and nostalgia replaced by nature. Plants now consume them, weaving their way up stairwells and erupting through cracks in the floorboards, conquering and claiming the houses as their own. Aside from the structure, all traces of humanity have been eliminated: the houses have succumbed to the power of nature. Due to the meticulous execution of the set design, it may not be immediately obvious that the photos are in fact staged. As such, although ‘Home’ is a fabrication of reality, the thought-provoking series prompts the viewer to reflect on the place of man in the natural world and portrays mankind as transient, and nature as eternal.


All images © Gohar Dashti