Abandoned Soviet Ruins By Photographer Rebecca Bathory

London-based fine art photographer Rebecca Bathory traveled across the former Soviet Union to capture haunting abandoned ruins for her book ‘Soviet Ghosts’. The images feature decaying hospitals, prisons, spy stations and asylums, and seem to evoke an eerie and curious feeling. During her road trip, she visited places such as east Germany, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech and Slovakia among others.

Rebecca Litchfield_Photography_3 Rebecca Litchfield_Photography_1 Rebecca Litchfield_Photography_2 Rebecca Litchfield_Photography_4 Rebecca Litchfield_Photography_5 Rebecca Litchfield_Photography_6 Rebecca Litchfield_Photography_7 Rebecca Litchfield_Photography_8 Rebecca Litchfield_Photography_10 Rebecca Litchfield_Photography_9

All images © Rebecca Bathory