Flatland II: Stunning Photo Manipulations by Aydin Büyüktas

Aydin Büyüktas

Turkish digital artist and photographer Aydin Büyüktas creates sensational photographic images for his series ‘Flatland II’ by forming extensive landscapes that seem to continue into a world where the laws of time and space do not apply.

Spending a lot of time reading science fiction series during his childhood and puberty the artist started “to question things like wormholes, black holes, parallel universes, gravitation, bending time, and space.” After getting more into visual effects and animation Büyüktas realized that it was possible to recreate the surreal places he had imagined in his mind and dreams.
With help of a drone he creates 18-20 aerial shots of the location and collages the multiple photos together digitally. The new series of landscapes was shot around the United States including Arizona, Califorina, New Mexico and Texas.

All images © Aydin Büyüktas

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