Julien Mauve Sends Greetings From Mars With Tourist-style Photos


Photographer Julien Mauve created a series called ‘Greetings from Mars’ where he pretends to visit the red planet as a tourist.

Originally based in Paris, he carefully chose some seemingly untouched landscape stretches in the US to achieve the impression of discovering a whole new world in space. The photographer himself names the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus as his main inspiration for the project, transforming the 500-year old history into today’s ways of travelling. But besides the stunning natural landscape, the photo series also reveals the way we take pictures today as a mark of the vanity involved in our endless pursuit of self-definition: In his photos, the astronaut imitates stereotypical tourist poses – from a shot together with a friend and the latest selfie stick to a victory sign.

“It’s interesting to observe the way we act in front of the camera, how we include ourselves in the landscapes, how those landscapes trigger the desire to affirm our presence”, says Julien Mauve.

All images © Julien Mauve | Via: designboom