Kristina Podobed Explores The Nudity

A self-taught photographer, Kristina Podobed breaks the taboos of the nakedness and pushes away the restrictions towards female body.

“I learnt to get inspired by everything that surrounds me.”
Having started by documenting herself and people around her, Podobed gradually became more aware of what she wanted to achieve as an artist and started to work on personal projects. She says: “I learnt to get inspired by everything that surrounds me, that’s why I always carry my camera and shoot everything I see, all sides of life in Ukraine: from good-looking girls and models to homeless people who sleep in the streets.” The work of Ukrainian photographer combines social documentary with snapshots from her diary. By capturing the free expression of her female friends and the authentic image of their bodies, Podobed has dealt with her own insecurity about the nakedness and the social taboos around it.

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All images © Kristina Podobed