Handmade Paper Collage Art By Annalynn Hammond


Wisconsin-based artist Annalynn Hammond is best known for her unique hand-cut paper collages. Her collages are made from vintage textbooks and natural history magazines. Through her work she seeks to question the dichotomies that play in the world of human ideas. For her collages, the artist combines different subject areas including, human and animal, body and soul, mind and machine, culture and nature, purity and sin, power and weakness, and many other antitheses. Her surreal collages encourage the viewer to ask questions and think about the extremes within the pictures. Hammond enjoys her work for both its thingness and its thoughtness. The single images are undeniably someone else’s work, which were found, stolen, destroyed and appropriated. But a thing in itself has no meaning. The idea of a collage is to cut a special image region out and paste it into another picture, giving a new context to the assembled artwork. You can purchase here work here.

All images © Annalynn Hammond
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