The Hyperrealistic Face Of Orgasm By Luigi Rodriguez


For his unique artwork titled ‘We Come As We Are’, Madrid-based Venezuelan artist Luigi Rodriguez has created a hyperrealistic sculpture of his own face during orgasm. The artist has always been intrigued by orgasms, so he decided to study his own sexual climax. For his project, Rodriguez had to step away from his comfort zone to try and understand more about his own individual. Creating this sculpture has been a great journey of self-discovery, preparing himself both physically and mentally. The artist is fascinated by those few powerful seconds during orgasm, when we lose ourselves and remove all layers of fear, judgment and ego, revealing a face that represents who we are in the most pure state. He believes that the face we reveal during sexual climax represents our true identity, allowing us to be free and uncover a face that is pure. This art piece was the one that Luigi feared the most. He decided to make a hyperrealist sculpture of himself because he wanted the artwork to be as close to reality as possible.

All images © Luigi Rodriguez

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