Hyperrealistic sculptures by Sam Jinks

Sam Jinks creates amazingly hyperrealistic sculptures of humans. Emotional vulnerability is both the subject and result of his work and moves his audiences. For Jinks, his works are not literal representations, but are based on the combination of different stages of life.

His characters often represent a mixture of different people he knows in real life. He uses photos to recreate these bodies in the most attentive way. Jinks uses the themes of old and new to suggest unrealized potential: the figures are frozen in time, simultaneously at the beginning and end of life. This can be interpreted either as a melancholy reflection of loss, or as the experience of generations standing together with the awareness of life cycles and different stages of development. His works create a dialogue on both a technical and emotional level through a strong sensitivity to detail. Created from silicone, fiberglass, resin, calcium carbonate and human hair these works contain a profound sense of the vulnerability and are remarkable in their striking portrayal of the human condition.

All images © Sam Jinks