The Spectacle Of Floating Bodies


In his series ‘Underwater’, American photographer Ed Freeman captures nude people in water, creating a painterly paean to the nature of the human body.

“I take pictures of naked people because they are the most beautiful things I know of in this world.”Through underwater photography, Freeman explores human passion, sexuality and movement. However, these familiar themes, a part of every human’s life, are put into the surreal underwater scenery, opening the space for the viewer’s fantasies and dreams. Freeman, who was a musician in his early career, seems to capture his subjects during a gentle dance, showing astonishing nuances of the movement and human interaction.

“I want to make beautiful images. I take pictures of naked people because they are the most beautiful things I know of in this world that I can see with my eyes and photograph with a camera. Sometimes I think art is like prayer, a way to thank God for being human and having the life and the senses that we do. Then too I think it is a way to express thoughts and feelings for which there are no words.”

Ed_Freeman_PhotographyG7L7944FLV3 copy
Ed_Freeman_PhotographyG7L2927 compositeFLPRINT copy
Ed_Freeman_PhotographyG7L6041.CR2N-H-S 8-29-08V2a copy
Ed_Freeman_PhotographyEricPool9-24-11 543PRINT
Ed_Freeman_PhotographyG7L1031FLSZPR2 copy
Ed_Freeman_PhotographyG7L7221.CR2N-B-S-AJ 9-19-08 copy
Ed_Freeman_PhotographyG7L8422.JPGNoéPoolMirror10-25-08FL copy
Ed_Freeman_PhotographyG7L6352.CR2N-H-S 8-29-08 copy
Ed_Freeman_Photography07Trevor7-31-11626V2FLlayers copy
Ed_Freeman_Photography_M2B4785.CR2N-B-S-AJ 9-19-08GETTY copy
Ed_Freeman_Photography_SAN5372Stretched copy

All images © Ed Freeman

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