JR Installs Two Athletes In Rio


The famed French street artist JR has struck again, this time with two giant athlete installations across Rio de Janeiro in anticipation of the upcoming Olympic Games the city will host. Created as part of JR’s ongoing ‘inside out’ project, the pair of athletes are created on the construction scaffolding being used to prepare the city’s buildings ahead of the games. The first athlete, a high jumper, is the 27-year old Sudan-born, Germany-based Mohamed Younes Idriss, who “missed out on qualification for the 2016 rio olympics but he is there some how,” according to JR. The second installation, located near the water, represents a diver jumping into the water.

All images © JR via designboom

JR-high-jump-flying-rio-de-janeiro-brazil-art-installation-designboom-01 (1)JR-high-jump-flying-rio-de-janeiro-brazil-art-installation-designboom-02JR-high-jump-flying-rio-de-janeiro-brazil-art-installation-designboom-03JR-high-jump-flying-rio-de-janeiro-brazil-art-installation-designboom-04JR-high-jump-flying-rio-de-janeiro-brazil-art-installation-designboom-05JR-high-jump-flying-rio-de-janeiro-brazil-art-installation-designboom-06JR-high-jump-flying-rio-de-janeiro-brazil-art-installation-designboom-07
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