Exploring The Powerful Charm Of Faroe Islands

Located halfway between Scotland and Iceland, Faroe Islands is an archipelago that still remains relatively untouched by tourists. Photographer Kevin Faingnaert hitchhiked across the country to capture the thrilling landscapes and dramatic coastline, but most of all to meet its welcoming people.

Passing through villages with populations as low as ten, Faingnaert felt welcomed everywhere he went. With a backdrop of rough ocean and snow-capped hills in the windows, the photographer listened to many memorable stories in the warmth of Faroe Island’s houses. He also made few remarkable friendships on his way, like the one with a-message-in-a-bottle collector he met on the beach. Faingnaert’s intimate yet powerful images document a tight-knit community that praises its roots while being aware that there might come a day when the villages will disappear. The photographs of ‘Føroyar’ have been also published as a book.

Funningur, Faroe Islands, 2016
House in Gásadalur, Faroe Islands, 2016
Gásadalur, Faroe Islands, 2016
Simún Jacobsen, Faroe Islands, 2016
Church of Kirkja, Faroe Islands, 2015
House in Kollafjørður, Faroe Islands, 2015
Mykines, Faroe Islands, 2016

All images © Kevin Faingnaert