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Sinziana Velicescu Observes Trees Growing In Unusual Places

A Tree Grows In

In her series ‘A tree grows in’, Los Angeles-based analog photographer Sinziana Velicescu captures trees in urban landscapes with an element of peculiarity.

Her photography broadly explores the impact of human intervention on nature. In ‘A tree grows in’, Velicescu tells a visual story of everyday topographies by contrasting flora against the architecture of industrial and abandoned buildings. “Often times, they are comical landscape choices intended to beautify otherwise unappealing commercial spaces”, explained Velicescu in her artist statement. “There is a disturbing quality to the photographs though, as if the plants are asking for help or to be moved from their locations”. In the abstract images, it’s as if the trees have their own facetious personalities, distinguished against the starkness of the spaces. In some of the frames, a single tree leans out at a sharp angle; in others, groups of trees are positioned together as if guarding the buildings behind them. “My favorite of the series is the two palm trees against a moody sky”, explains Velicescu. “It stands out from the series and might use a bit of explanation, but I took the photo during a big fire near [Los Angeles] that made the sky feel apocalyptic; an unusual contrast to Los Angeles’s usual blue skies.”

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All images © Sinziana Velicescu

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