The Absurd Notion Of The Ideal Female


For her project ‘Pretty, Please’, photographer Allison Morris took a series of self-portraits depicting a woman’s beauty in an absurd way. From a ponytail covering her face to clothespins pinned onto her skin, Morris captures herself in vibrant and splashy surroundings, with a satirical touch. According to the photographer, the aim was to display “the absurd notion of the ideal female, in continuation of a key theme running throughout her practice.

In a statement about the project, Morris says: “This series of photographic self-portraits intends to emphasize and question the outlandish and nonsensical nature of ‘feminine’ objects and traditions – everything from hairstyles to body modification – the purpose of which is to shape and alter the authentic female form, and maintain a firm grasp on an otherwise fleeting youth.”

All images © Allison Morris

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