In Exploration Of Body And Mind With Yatender

Yatender is actually the pseudonym of Ao Kim Ngân, a visual artist based in Saigon, Vietnam. Placing the human body at the centre of her works, the artist turns the camera mainly on herself, creating intimate and quirky self-portraits.

“I take portraits and self-portraits that emphasize the human body and its anatomic features – as a medium for the examination and exploration of both life and myself through the lens of the camera,” says Yatender. One day, struggling with personal bemusement and the lack of beauty around her, the photographer just took the camera and started to take pictures of herself in different poses. She took up the role of both model and photographer, capturing the ideas that came to her mind. In doing so, with the photography as her medium, she reveals another aspect of her inner self in front of the camera.

13 (self-portrait)
12 (self-portrait)
11 (self-portrait)
10 (self-portrait)
09 (self-portrait)
08 (self-portrait)

All images © Yatender