A Contemporary Take On The Ancient Jug

Inspired by the ancient jugs of the Arabic ceramic tradition, makethatstudio’s ‘Pètra’ comes now in an updated version. In creating the ‘Lava Edition’, the designers found inspiration in the natural landscapes of Sicily.

“The aesthetics of the container was born whilst studying the Simeto, the main river that runs through the Island.” Pètra, a collaboration between makethatstudio and Improntabarre, combines traditional craftsmanship with natural materials. The jug originated in Sicily during the Moorish period. It was created to preserve fine liquids such as oil or water. Its construction allowed to fill it from the bottom, protecting the contents from outside influence. Pètra brings back the traditional concept to the contemporary houses. Giving the new life to an ancient object, the designers used organic materials that represent the geology of Sicily.

Speaking about the material inspiration behind the jug, the designers say: “The aesthetics of the container was born studying the Simeto, the main river that runs through the island, whose source is located near Bronte and from here flows into the Ionian Sea. Along the way there are many remains of the Moorish domination.”


All images © courtesy of makethatstudio