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A 24-Hour Escape In The French Countryside


French photographer Valentin Duciel spends his weekends escaping city life in the countryside of Provence.

Being self-taught and inspired by the lifestyle of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Duciel always carries a film camera with him. In the following images, he takes us with him through a day in his life, in search of freedom and adventure…

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05:45am – After a night in the old Canadian tent of my father, at the summit of Mount Ventoux with my friend Alex, we awake to wait for the sunrise.

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07:00 – After a good breakfast, my friend Raf joins me.

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10:00 – I take the road through Provence to find Aurelie, in the ‘small Colorado’ (Roussillon).

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15:00 – After an improvised meal, a nap on the roof of a van and a few beers, a friend takes us with him in the trunk of his old pick-up.

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valentinduciel_24hours-5pm 6

17:00 – I meet my friend Alex by the river, the same one through which my friend Flo ran naked last summer.

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20:00 – I go home, to the city, to my old apartment.

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valentinduciel_24hours-10pm 2
valentinduciel_24hours-10pm 3
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valentinduciel_24hours-10pm 5

22:00 – With Lou, we go to buy drinks and meet friends…

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valentinduciel_24hours-8am tomorrow 2
valentinduciel_24hours-8am tomorrow 3
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valentinduciel_24hours-8am tomorrow 5

08:00 – A new day begins. I wake up with my honey, I load a new film in my old camera and go…

All images © Valentin Duciel


SCENT by AOIRO x Ignant

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