An Art-Inspired Modular Cabin By MIMA Housing


For their latest project titled ‘MIMA Light’, multidisciplinary design and architecture studio MIMA Housing created a sleek cabin-like modular home.

“The base of the scheme is lined with mirrors, an architectural gesture influenced by the minimalist sculpture of artists such as Donald Judd, John Mccracken and Robert Morris.” Inspired by sculptural artists such as Donald Judd, John McCracken and Robert Morris, the exterior’s base was cladded with a series of mirrors. In this way, the sculptural-looking structure not only integrates into whichever landscape it is situated in, but also reflects it. In contrast, the house’s interior is designed in warm tones using pinewood cladding. Each of the modular homes is available fully equipped including living spaces, sleeping area, kitchen unit as well as a bathroom. Besides creating minimal prefab houses, the studio also designs furniture and runs a creative lab for conceptual ideas.

In a statement about the process behind the concept’s design, the studio says: “The entire home is manufactured in a warehouse before being transported to site. Intended to be simpler to assemble than any previous MIMA product, the house is available in four sizes, ranging from 7.2 meters and 13.2 meters in length. Designed for market sectors that cover tourism, temporary homes, and vacation homes, the dwelling can be distributed to all countries located in the European union.”

All images © José Campos


SALT by Boir x Ignant

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