A Self-Illuminating Desk By Torafu Architects


Over the course of two Japanese-Swiss design workshops, Japanese studio Torafu Architects created a minimal, foldable workstation with an in-built LED light made for the day-to-night transition. Entitled ‘LIGHT LIGHT DESK’, the table is made from aluminium plywood and linoleum with an LED light providing illumination from the top beam for when the sun goes down. The foldable desk makes for easy transportation and storage inside the home. Speaking about the workshops and their resulting design, Torafu state, “The aim of the exercise was to mesh the cultures and values of both countries during said workshops. Torafu proposed the ‘LIGHT LIGHT DESK’, consisting of a light aluminium frame with a built-in LED light. The result is a desk that is both lightweight and collapsible, and can easily be transported like a folding chair.” For more furniture inspiration, visit our shop.

All images © Felix Wey

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