Spooning Armchair By Roy Kesrouani

Spooning Armchair
Roy Kesrouani

American-Lebanese architect and designer Roy Kesrouani established the brand ‘Spooning Armchair‘ which offers, among others, a chair made of 6-mm ribbed polypropylene, equipped with visible aluminum screw posts. The seat is lightweight, waterproof and constructed modularly. Furthermore, the designer builds his furniture pieces out of recyclable material which is still weather-resistant. So the furnishings can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The flat components of the chair can be assembled within five minutes and easily stowed away if not being used. Despite all the benefits, the used material is probably the chair’s most striking feature. Usually the polypropylene sheet is utilized in the signage industry, for reusable packaging and for producing displays. Kesrouani adapted the material to another purpose and created a versatile, long-lasting stool. “The thermoplastic series is always evolving, exploring and pushing the limits of the polypropylene material to add more complexity for utmost comfort and always more transformative power, states the designer.“ The eco-friendly armchair can also be assembled in various colors and with woolen or felt details.

All images © Spooning Armchair

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