Floating Bonsai Trees By Hoshinchu


Japanese studio Hoshinchu designed the ‘Air Bonsai’, a one-of-a-kind bonsai tree that floats and rotates. Each piece consists of two parts, the mossy ‘little star’ as well as the porcelain ‘energy base’, which are both connected through built-in magnets. Due to high demand, the ongoing Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its goal.

On the process behind the production of the ‘Air Bonsai’, the studio says: “Air Bonsai are created on the island of Kyushu, Japan. Rich in nature, the island’s environment is ideal for the production of Air Bonsai. Each porcelain piece is meticulously crafted by hand. The process takes 3 months. The shaped porcelain base is air dried. Throughout the drying process, the craftsman continuously inspect the base for any changes to the design.”

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All images © Courtesy of Hosinchu

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