Asymmetric Shelters On The Danish Coast By Lumo Arkitekter


Danish studio Lumo Arkitekter created a number of asymmetric shelters located along the coast of Denmark, at the South Fyn Archipelago. Each one of the angular structures has a black-painted wooden surface that features round openings for a view of the surroundings. The architects developed the shelters – about 50 in total on 19 different locations – in an attempt to strengthen the local tourism as well as provide more opportunities for outdoor living in the country’s coastal areas.

In a statement about the project, the architects say: “The location of each shelter has been carefully selected and adapted to the surroundings, in order for it to be perceived as a precise and iconic landmark that does not distort or interfere with the site’s particular qualities and landscape.”

All images © Jesper Balleby

lumoarchitects_architecture-01lumoarchitects_architecture-07lumoarchitects_architecture-02lumoarchitects_architecture-03lumoarchitects_architecture-04lumoarchitects_architecture-06lumoarchitects_architecture-10lumoarchitects_architecture-05LUMO SHELTERSlumoarchitects_architecture-plan
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