A Converted Silo House By Christoph Kaiser


Arizona-based architect and product designer Christoph Kaiser converted a mid-century steel-wall grain silo into a house. Located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix’s up-and-coming Garfield Historic District, the Silo House is restricted to a 230 sq ft footprint and a 340 sq ft total livable space. The main challenge faced by the architects was to offer the typical functions of a home in a radically more compact way. The pictures are proof of the successful metamorphosis of a silo to a home that also fulfills the demand for an affordable, modern living space.

All images © Mark Lipczynski

Silo HouseArchitecture_Christoph-Kaiser_2Architecture_Christoph-Kaiser_3Architecture_Christoph-Kaiser_4Architecture_Christoph-Kaiser_5Architecture_Christoph-Kaiser_6Architecture_Christoph-Kaiser_7Architecture_Christoph-Kaiser_8Architecture_Christoph-Kaiser_9Architecture_Christoph-Kaiser_10/Users/kaiserbox/Documents/0_PROJECTS ACTIVE/Changing Hands/CAD/CHBS PLAN.dwg
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