A Futuristic Translucent House By Atelier Tekuto


Designed by Japanese architecture studio Atelier Tekuto, ‘Lucky Drops’ is an extraordinarily long and narrow house located just outside of Tokyo. At first glance, the structure may appear too small to be a home, but in fact, the kitchen, living and dining rooms are located underground. Above ground, the home features translucent walls and perforated metal floors so that sunlight can permeate into the basement living areas.

All images © Makoto Yoshida

Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_1Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_2Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_2.5Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_3 hochAtelier Tekuto_Architecture_5Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_6Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_7Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_8Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_plan 1Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_plan
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