Townhouses by XTH-berlin


I’m actually living really close to these Townhouses by XTH-berlin, located in Berlin Mitte and I always really wanted to take a peak inside so today a dream came true. The buildings are exposed on the former death strip between East and West Germany.

This house is all about space and light. Developed by the section it has a continuous space stretching out over the total height (12 mts), length and width of the building. This open space is zoned by two concrete elements ‘hung’ between the firewalls. They contain the private (bed) rooms. Due to their slants views are possible through the entire house. The two sleeping rooms can be opened to this area by the use of big elevating flaps (which besides to slide and play are used to ventilate the sleeping rooms to the quiet side of the house).

On the first floor you find the living room, further up another sleeping room, on the intermediate level there is a vast reading area and on the highest level: kitchen and dining area, opening to a terrace. A huge rooflight lets the sun shine deep down on the lower levels.

All images © Anja Büchner | Via: Archdaily

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