Miniature Glass Wonderlands By Jenny Ayrton

British artist Jenny Ayrton creates tiny wonderlands of everyday life in molten glass blocks. Most of the scenes feature cozy home life and are influenced by Ayrton’s surroundings. To create the pieces, she builds tiny wire and metal mesh models of the scenery that are then encased between two layers of hot glass. After the glass has cooled, she grinds the base and makes some final polishing touches.

Jenny Ayrton_Art_6 Jenny Ayrton_Art_2 Jenny Ayrton_Art_3 Jenny Ayrton_Art_1 Jenny Ayrton_Art_5 Jenny Ayrton_Art_7 Jenny Ayrton_Art_4 Jenny Ayrton_Art_8 Jenny Ayrton_Art_9

All images © Jenny Ayrton