Miniature Stone Sculptures By Matthew Simmonds

Artist Matthew Simmonds creates miniature sculptures that are meticulously carved out of stone and marble. As a trained stonemason, Simmonds focuses on architectural stone carving with a special interest in sacred architecture. His small-scale artworks are self-described ‘internal worlds’ and each one of the pieces explores themes such as the play of light and shadow as well as the relationship between nature and human achievement. Before shifting to creating miniature sculptures, Simmonds has worked on the restoration of Westminster Abbey, among other projects. Simmonds is currently living and working in Copenhagen and his work is exhibited internationally.

In a statement about his artworks, Simmonds says: “I feel that being trained initially as a stonemason rather than as a sculptor gave me a very direct connection to the material I am working in and a strong sense of discipline, while studying history of art has given me a more profound understanding of the buildings I am inspired by than if I had trained as an artist.”

MatthewSimmonds_art-Ararat study II MatthewSimmonds_art-Corona 01 MatthewSimmonds_art-Corona 02 MatthewSimmonds_art-Corona 03 MatthewSimmonds_art-Ringrone a MatthewSimmonds_art-Ringrone b MatthewSimmonds_art-Tetraconch a MatthewSimmonds_art-Tetraconch b MatthewSimmonds_art-Tetraconch c MatthewSimmonds_art-Ringrone c MatthewSimmonds_art-Ringrone d MatthewSimmonds_art-Ringrone e MatthewSimmonds_art-Ringrone f MatthewSimmonds_art-Ringrone g

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