Photographer Lauren Maccabee Captures Everyday Moments In A Poetic Way


London-based photographer Lauren Maccabee captures poetic images of everyday moments with her camera. Maccabee creates a dreamy atmosphere within her imagery through the usage of double exposures and analogue film. Her subjects vary from people on the street to places during her travels. In an exclusive statement about her work, the photographer says: “I enjoy forming poetic narratives throughout my work, often through combining portraits and landscapes. I’m particularly interested in photographing the meeting point of nature and culture, seeking to explore the subtle juxtapositions between the human-made and the organic.”

All images © Lauren Maccabee

Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-1Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-2Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-6Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-8Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-7Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-3Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-12Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-11Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-15Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-10Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-5Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-14Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-9Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-16Lauren Maccabee iGNANT-4
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