Top 10 Concrete Items For Your Home


We’re always on the lookout for new items we can welcome into our homes. Besides ceramic and copper, one of our favorite materials in design is concrete. The raw finish seems to give pieces a minimal look, which makes it a great addition to any living room. From larger products, like a chair and vase, to tiny items, such as a tissue box and bookend, we’ve compiled a list of design pieces that are all made of concrete. See more products in our shop.


Lyon Beton is a French design studio specializing in everything concrete. Their product range includes smaller design objects as well as furniture pieces. This concrete chair resembles the shape of a design classic from the 1950s and might bring some variety into your dining room when placed next to the typical white or wooden chairs. It’s available for purchase here.



Another design item by Lyon Beton is this bookend named ‘Concrete Brain’. It holds together your favorite books and at the same time can add a quirky touch to your book shelf. The bookend also makes a great gift for every bookworm. You can get it here.



If you’d like to spruce up your workspace, how about his concrete lamp? Its industrial design features a metallic light bulb on a red lamp socket that is attached to a concrete block. Additionally, the concrete structure can be also used as a pencil box. It’s available for purchase here.



What appears to be paper sculptures at first, are actually bear figures made of concrete by German design studio REHFORM. Its geometric form is casted in concrete and weighs up to 8 kg. Its playful heavy look can be a great statement piece. The sculptures also come in other shapes, such as a wolf and lion. You can purchase them here.



Another example where concrete is used instead of paper is this tissue box designed by fmcdesign. Based in Canada, the studio everything is made by hand and so each one of the items features its own unique details. A tissue box is often an overlooked item, but perhaps this concrete piece can make your guests take a second glance. It’s available here.



This concrete vase is another extraordinary item made by Lyon Beton that is in the shape of a pipeline. The studio was inspired by life in the city and they said they wanted to create “a dialogue between the inside and outside”. Its rustic look adds both an industrial and peculiar touch to your living room. The design piece comes in three different sizes. You can get it here.



Korn Produkte created an egg carton made of concrete that can store small items, such as fruits and vegetables, in addition to eggs. It’s a versatile piece that can work inside your fridge or on a shelf in your corridor as an unconventional way to store your keys. It’s available for purchase here.



To add a practical yet stylish piece to your desk, this minimal concrete tape dispenser could be a good option. The piece belongs to a series of concrete items made by Swedish designer Tove Adman. It also makes a great gift for a friend or colleague and can be purchased here.



What would a list of design items for your home be without plant pots? Austrian creative Klara Schuster makes these concrete planters by hand. They come in various shapes and sizes, including the geometric-inspired form shown above. Get it for yourself or give it to a friend together with a succulent plant. It’s available here.



To round up this list of items that are unexpectedly made of concrete, we discovered an ice-cream shaped decor piece that can add a hint of quirkiness to your home. Created by Betoneis, the item is casted by hand in the studio’s space in Mainz, Germany, and the designers aim to achieve a unique look for every piece. You can purchase it here.


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