Photographer Julien Mauve Explores Where Dreams And Reality Meet


In the series ‘Headland of Dreams’, French photographer Julien Mauve captured dark melancholic images exploring the realm where dreams and reality intersect. From sombre shots of natural landscapes to eerie photos of figures in the dark, his images evoke a feeling of otherworldliness. On the inspiration behind the series, Mauve says, “This project is based on a text called ‘Promontorium somnii’ written by Victor Hugo in 1863 and deals with the continuum between real and dream. Hugo talks about our need to find something within ourselves than can help us sail through the remains of dreams and the will-of-the-wisps of illusion.” We’ve featured his work previously.

All images © Julien Mauve

Julien Mauve_Photography_1Julien Mauve_Photography_2Julien Mauve_Photography_3Julien Mauve_Photography_4Julien Mauve_Photography_5Julien Mauve_Photography_6Julien Mauve_Photography_7Julien Mauve_Photography_8Julien Mauve_Photography_9Julien Mauve_Photography_10Julien Mauve_Photography_11Julien Mauve_Photography_12Julien Mauve_Photography_13Julien Mauve_Photography_14
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