A Seashore Library By Vector Architects

Located on the Bohai Sea coast in China, Vector Architects created the ‘Seashore Library‘, a concrete building facing the ocean. The structure of the building was inspired by the surrounding landscape and features a large rectangular window that offers panoramic views of the sea. Additionally, the two-story library building consists of an open concept reading area as well as a mediation space. On the idea behind it, the architects say: “From outside, it looks like a weathered rock that is pure and solid; but inside, what it contains is the rich feelings and experiences.”

vectorarchitects_architecture-07 vectorarchitects_architecture-02 vectorarchitects_architecture-03i vectorarchitects_architecture-04i vectorarchitects_architecture-04 vectorarchitects_architecture-08 vectorarchitects_architecture-03 vectorarchitects_architecture-01 vectorarchitects_architecture-11 vectorarchitects_architecture-10 vectorarchitects_architecture-05 vectorarchitects_architecture-06 vectorarchitects_architecture-05i First_Floor_Plan Second_Floor_Plan

All images © Su Shengliang / Xia Xhi