4n by Ninkipen!


The Japanese architectures studio ninkipen! has planned and built a house with a variety of purposes for a family of four. By putting the house on four pilots, ninkipen! not only created a small shaded play area for the family’s children, and an entrance porch, but also the impression of a floating appearance.

The inside of the house as divided by the architects into different living spaces, installing a kitchen on the second floor and an attic-like space, which can be used in various forms, on the third floor. The whole house is flooded by light thanks to several skylights inserted all over the house, allowing the natural light to come in. Built for a family that survived Fukushima, the name of the home, ‘4n’, stands for its adaptable characteristics. The ‘n’, a mathematical symbol, commonly used to represent a natural number (contrasting a nominal number), and the number 4 because the house was built to accommodate any family of four.

All images © Hiroki Kawata | Via: dezeen

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