A Fashion Story Shot Only Using A Scanner By Henry Hargreaves


New Zealand art and fashion photographer Henry Hargreaves, who now works in Brooklyn, shot a beauty/jewelry campaign entirely using a scanner. To create the unique and eerie aesthetic, the model had to press her face against the glass of the machine while donning different jewelry designs by Pamela Love, Stella McCartney and ASOS among others. What Hargreaves found most difficult about the shoot was that he couldn’t see a preview of the image beforehand, so he had to capture about 150 scans before arriving at the final outcome.

All images © Henry Hargreaves

Henry Hargreaves_Photography_1Henry Hargreaves_Photography_2 hochHenry Hargreaves_Photography_3Henry Hargreaves_Photography_4 HochHenry Hargreaves_Photography_5Henry Hargreaves_Photography_6 HochHenry Hargreaves_Photography_7Henry Hargreaves_Photography_8Henry Hargreaves_Photography_9
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