A House With Perforated Brick Walls By Ryo Matsui Architects


Designed by Ryo Matsui Architects, ‘Rebirth’ is a guesthouse with a unique perforated brick facade. During the day, the building looks like it has no windows, but in fact, they have been covered by a perforated screen and can only be seen at night when the interiors are illuminated. Formerly a storehouse, the architect redesigned the building after it was partially destroy during Japan’s 2011 earthquake.

All images © Masato Kawano / Nacasa & Partners

Ryo Matsui_Archtecture_1Ryo Matsui_Archtecture_2Ryo Matsui_Archtecture_3Ryo Matsui_Archtecture_4Ryo Matsui_Archtecture_5Ryo Matsui_Archtecture_6Ryo Matsui_Archtecture_7Ryo Matsui_Archtecture_8Ryo Matsui_Archtecture_9Ryo Matsui_Archtecture_10
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