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Photographer Parker Thornton Captures Intimate Moments In Time


With a knack for capturing intimate and organic moments whether mundane or profound, Austin-based visual artist Parker Thornton creates meticulously composed photographs that point to the emotional potency of the medium. His editorial and commissioned work offers a variety of perspectives on his compelling and multifarious practice.

Thornton’s approach is self-assured and fueled by curiosity, and his photography relies heavily on intuition. “My work stems from a deep place of intuition, and a curiosity and desire to understand people, places, and things by capturing moments in time with a camera,” he tells IGNANT. Thornton is interested in translating thoughts and emotions into captivating images that others can freely interpret. Conceptual and disparate in their subject matter, his photographs encourage viewers to examine portraits, still lifes, and landscapes, with the hope of evoking a distinctive and intimate feeling. Upon closer inspection, there is nuance in Thornton’s methodical body of work. Beautifully choreographed, his images show a remarkable attention to light and color, but also to detail, patterns, and moments.

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All images © Parker Thornton


SCENT by AOIRO x Ignant

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