Vivid Imagery By Mehdi Lacoste


London-based photographer and art director Mehdi Lacoste creates vivid imagery by juxtaposing human portraits with natural scenery and architecture. Lacoste usually gets his inspiration from taking road trips with friends in various countries. The photographer has shot for the likes of Vogue, i-D, Vice, Nike and Topman.

All images © Mehdi Lacoste

Mehdi Lacoste_Photography_1Mehdi Lacoste_Photography_2Mehdi Lacoste_Photography_3 + 4 hochMehdi Lacoste_Photography_5Mehdi Lacoste_Photography_6 + 7 hochMehdi Lacoste_Photography_8Mehdi Lacoste_Photography_9Mehdi Lacoste_Photography_10
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