Surreal Underwater Photography By Lara Zankoul

Lebanon-based photographer Lara Zankoul creates surreal imagery for her series ‘The Unseen‘. Using a water tank, Zankoul elaborately composes various whimsical tableaus. Each life-size photograph is divided into halves by the surface of the water and features subjects in surreal settings, like a couple with human bodies and animal heads having tea.

In a statement from the gallery that showed the series, it says: “‘The Unseen’ presents two visions within one viewing experience; commenting not only on the surface of things, but also on what may lie hidden beneath.”

larazankoul_photography-04 larazankoul_photography-02 larazankoul_photography-03 larazankoul_photography-01 larazankoul_photography-08 larazankoul_photography-09 larazankoul_photography-10 larazankoul_photography-07 larazankoul_photography-06 larazankoul_photography-05

All images © Lara Zankoul