Vivid Urban Photography By Nick Frank And Jeanette Hägglund

In the project ‘Temptations‘, photographers Nick Frank and Jeannette Hägglund worked together to create eyecatching minimal urban images. From jagged balconies to smooth rolling facades, the sleek photographs feature various eclectic architectural elements in Copenhagen and Malmö. Frank is based in Munich, Germany while Hägglund works in Stockholm.

Temptations_Photography_6 Temptations_Photography_1 Temptations_Photography_2 Temptations_Photography_3 Temptations_Photography_4 Temptations_Photography_5 Temptations_Photography_7 Temptations_Photography_8 Temptations_Photography_9 Temptations_Photography_10 Temptations_Photography_11 Temptations_Photography_12 Temptations_Photography_13 Temptations_Photography_14 Temptations_Photography_95

All images © Nick Frank and Jeanette Hägglund