A Minimal Futuristic Villa By Hornung And Jacobi

Designed by German architecture studio Hornung and Jacobi, ‘Villa F’ is a minimal single-family holiday home on the coast of Greece that resembles a spaceship at first glance. The building is shaped like a bent rectangular prism and its sharp geometric forms seem to present a stark contrast to its natural surroundings. Inside is all white and designed to emphasize ‘open living’ as well as allow plenty of natural light to enter in.

Hornung Jacobi_Architecture_1 Hornung Jacobi_Architecture_2 Hornung Jacobi_Architecture_3 Hornung Jacobi_Architecture_4 Hornung Jacobi_Architecture_5 Hornung Jacobi_Architecture_6 Hornung Jacobi_Architecture_7 Hornung Jacobi_Architecture_8 Hornung Jacobi_Architecture_9 Hornung Jacobi_Architecture_10

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