modern barn house


A decaying Dutch barn house in Geldermalsen, Netherlands, has been masterfully restored by Maxwan architecture, turning drab digs into a bright, vibrant home. Maxwan’s client was a couple who wanted a bright, kitchen-focused home with clear views of the surrounding environment where they could relax, entertain friends and organize wine tasting sessions for their customers.

‘At our first visit we found the house difficult to inhabit. Most strikingly, virtually no relation existed to the beautiful landscape surrounding the house. All façade openings were too small, in the wrong place, or both.’ But with hard work and a clear creative vision, the interior became a wonderful place to be. The final touch was a large piece of furniture that would serve as kitchen, storage, stairs and library all at once. Now the home is bright, airy and open, with the bottom floor housing a large entertainment area for the client and their guests.

All images © Filip Dujardin

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