Industrial Aesthetics Inform Design Studio NM3’s Stunning Creations

DSL Studio

The work of Milan-based multidisciplinary creative studio NM3 is varied within the design area. Tackling interior, furniture, and product design, the studio concentrates their meticulous research on materiality, color, and geometry—key points that lead through every single piece.

Since its inception, NM3 has been engaging with the aesthetic of infrastructural architecture and industrial design, walking the line between artistic and technical. Always expanding what is possible, their work explores the capabilities of materials, balancing simplicity and innovation while adding a subtle playfulness to traditional forms. A striking attention to detail and shape is concealed in all of their design projects, from their stainless steel coffee tables, beds, and custom-made shelving systems, to their marble side tables and benches. Eschwing trends in favor of quality design and consistency, the scope of their work allows the studio to achieve a timeless industrial aesthetic while narrating a story of ever-changing interior spaces. A set of images from their remarkable portfolio is found below.

Images © DSL Studio