Diaspora by Oscar Parasiego


Oscar Parasiego created the series ‘Diaspora’, a project about our identity, inspired from his own move to the UK. Every day thousands of emigrants leave their countries to find a better future elsewhere. At that point, there is a clear transition between the person we’ve been so far and the person we’re going to be.

The images show individuals as transparent silhouettes which reflect the individuals’ new environment, an environment they didn’t belong to until now. The silhouettes occupy a new space and they gradually merge into this new context, just like a chameleon. The artist transmits a powerful feeling by portraying the individuals without showing them, showing just their camouflage, their inner fight for seeing themselves reflected in their new lives. Parasiego explains: ‘The protagonists of my pictures merge into their new houses, new neighbourhoods, new countries, in the same way as I find my place portraying them without showing them, showing just their camouflage.’

All images © Oscar Parasiego

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