Guillaume Lachapelle Creates Illuminated Miniature Models Of Daily Objects

Visual artist Guillaume Lachapelle created a series of light installations for his project ‘Visions‘. Based in Montréal, the artist works across a variety of media. With the help of the latest 3D-printing technology, he constructs illuminated miniature models of daily objects. By placing them in unexpected combinations and playing with optical illusions, the artist questions the viewer’s perception. According to a statement from his gallerist, “Lachapelle presents playful universes, which combine objects of undetermined purpose; in this way, he opens the conventions of our reality to fresh disposition.”

01-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 02-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 03-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 04-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 05-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 06-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 07-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 08-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 09-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 10-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 11-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 12-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 13-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 14-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 15-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 16-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions Layout 1 Layout 1

All images © Guillaume Lachapelle | Via: ArchiDesignClub