Photographer Paolo Morales Captures Moments Of Intimacy And Isolation

New York-based photographer Paolo Morales shot a series titled ‘These Days I Feel Like a Snail Without a Shell‘, which features people longing to reach out and forge a connection with others. The photographs, which typically portray individuals in a domestic setting, evoke feelings of intimacy, isolation and vulnerability. In a statement about the photo series, Morales says: ‘My aim is to draw the viewer into a sustained longing for connection within individual photographs and the people who occupy them. I am in pursuit of pictures where people appear emotionally isolated despite physical proximity.’

ParkingLot 001 BabaGoodLight 001 geneviveReachWeirdBgLight 001 BoyLeaningPulling 001 BlueDressRedFlower 001 KennedyPlazaCouple 001 HandsUpFaceCovered 001 TwinsiesBlueDrawing 001 AlexTwoHandsBack 001 Dancing 001 CarmenCrazyLittleGirl 001 Paolo Morales_Photography_08 Paolo Morales_Photography_12

All images © Paolo Morales | Via: VSCO Journal