Photographer Paolo Morales Captures Moments Of Intimacy And Isolation


New York-based photographer Paolo Morales shot a series titled ‘These Days I Feel Like a Snail Without a Shell‘, which features people longing to reach out and forge a connection with others. The photographs, which typically portray individuals in a domestic setting, evoke feelings of intimacy, isolation and vulnerability. In a statement about the photo series, Morales says: ‘My aim is to draw the viewer into a sustained longing for connection within individual photographs and the people who occupy them. I am in pursuit of pictures where people appear emotionally isolated despite physical proximity.’

All images © Paolo Morales | Via: VSCO Journal

ParkingLot 001BabaGoodLight 001geneviveReachWeirdBgLight 001BoyLeaningPulling 001BlueDressRedFlower 001KennedyPlazaCouple 001HandsUpFaceCovered 001TwinsiesBlueDrawing 001AlexTwoHandsBack 001Dancing 001CarmenCrazyLittleGirl 001Paolo Morales_Photography_08Paolo Morales_Photography_12
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