A Portrayal Of Greek Living By Christos Kapatos


In the wake of the economical crisis that descended upon Greece and at the end of 2011, Christos Kapatos changed his game plan. From a life in the corporate world he decided to take a chance and capture the world through a different kind of lens. His brooding photographs inform us of the portrayal of Greek living. The images take us on an emotional journey through the streets and within his own home. Upon moving back to his family home with his fiancée he noticed how he could relate to the distress that he viewed on the streets. “I set out to depict the anxiety, the worries, the frustration and the hope for a better future, as well as a positive side of this new state of life: the love, care, ministration and solidarity among us,” he says.

One of Kapatos’ main subjects for his series is his father, a man who suffered a series of strokes and was left with speech disabilities. These photographs are able to tell an honest story without any words needed. His work has a strength that comes from a certain type of anguish, tiredness and truth that resonates throughout each image. The contrast of light and shadows sets a tone of compassion and warmth that takes the viewer through a range of emotions. Kapatos has made sacrifices in order to pursue his career behind the camera and his passion reigns true throughout each photograph.

Text: Jane Fayle | All images © Christos Kapatos

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