Photo Ping-Pong: Thomas Chéné Vs. Ellie Tsatsou


In collaboration with Zign, we invited Paris-based photographer Thomas Chéné and London-based photographer Ellie Tsatsou to engage in a round of visual volleys.

In this game of Photo Ping-Pong, Thomas captured key styles from Zign’s spring collection in a series of richly detailed images. From these, Ellie responded with characteristically emotive close-ups: drawing connections between the color and form of Thomas’ work, and the intricacies of her own. “My starting points were the formal elements in Thomas’ photographs,” Ellie explains. “What was interesting to observe is that I found myself having playfully signed a word in my mind for each of his images; one would be ‘embrace’, the other would be ‘arrow’, or ‘grace’, or ‘India’. After shooting mine, I tried to find how and where I could rediscover these essences.” This intuitive naming was absorbed into her responses: expressed in the abstracted images she presented as her return serves. Thomas, on seeing Ellie’s responses, noted of her style that, “the work she does on shadows and light is very subtle. Her photographs are abstract and composed with few elements, but are very rich visually.”

If you’d like to see more, follow along here as iGNANT takes over Zign’s Instagram.

All images © Thomas Chéné and Ellie Tsatsou for ZigniGNANT Production

See the Zign products used in this game of Photo Ping-Pong here:
Slide 1: Black High Heeled Sandals
Slide 2: Leather Slip-Ons with Metal Ring Detail and Leather Handbag with Metal Details
Slide 3: Faux-Fur Leopard Printed High Heels
Slide 4: Envelope Leather Handbag
Slide 5: Zipped Leather Backpack
Slide 6: Heavy Tread Lace-Up Shoes
Slide 7: Red Suede Vamp Pumps
Slide 8: Suede Leather Chelsea Boots
Slide 9: Lace-Up Ankle Boots
Slide 10: Leather Handbag with Metal Details

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