A Look Inside The Recently Opened Soho House Istanbul


After London, Berlin, Toronto and various US cities, Soho House recently opened its latest outpost in Istanbul and invited us to take a first look into the historic building. What used to be the US embassy and became the consulate later, has been turned into the biggest building of Soho House to date. Situated in the creative Beyoglu district, the complex of Soho House Istanbul consists of 4 different buildings altogether, each one offering a unique experience like a spa, a fine dining restaurant and two rooftop pools.

According to the interior designers, their main inspiration for the renovation was the city of Istanbul itself and its special mix of old and new. While original frescoes, Carrara marble flooring and rosewood doors were restored, they work together with local suppliers for furnishings and tilings. Thus Soho House succeeds to create an inspiring atmosphere in the middle of the buzzing city of Istanbul.

In collaboration with Soho House Istanbul

All images © Soho House

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